• System: Nintendo GBA
  • Developer: Digital Eclipse
  • Publisher: Universal Studios
  • 16 color palette
  • 16×16 pixel tiles
  • seamless tiling
  • parallax backgrounds
  • seamless construction
  • 8 levels
  • props for levels
  • 16-bit compliant

Spyro 3 – Attack of the Rhynocs

One of my first jobs in the video games industry was an environment artist for Spyro 3. I was responsible for the side-scrolling adventure mode. Being my first real project, there were many challenges, but I learned a lot about the video games industry, and production schedules.
Each stage required a seamlessly scrolling parallax background that was a maximum of 16 colors with a very limited canvas size.
In addition, every piece had to be tileable on an 8×8 grid, with 16×16 being the normal working grid unit.
Every tile for the foreground platforming had to tile seamlessly across, as well as connect with walls, and platforms.
Props were made to sit on top of the platforms, and also took a very limited palette.

Spyro 3 Attack of the Rhynocs Gameplay Trailer

It’s pretty low-resolution though… thanks, YouTube 2007

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