Spyro the Dragon

Spyro was my first project as an environmental 2D artist and a pixel artist. I created all of the side-scrolling assets for Spyro 3 – Attack of the Rhynocs.

Every level except for two were done using traditional pixel-pushing methods. This included some painting done in photoshop, and then converted to GBA compliance, and then cleaned up using traditional pixel-pushing methods.

Every 8×8 tile is 16-color compliant, and was built for tileable level design and repeatable parallax scrolling.

Prior to this project, I had some minor experience creating pixel-based art assets on a personal venture with a friend, but nothing could have prepared me of the grueling steep learning curve of industry-level work. I learned so much about the industry at the time, thanks to my mentor and friend Ryan Slemko. Most of my career in the industry I owe it all to him. He was a great positive influence on me, and still is!

Click here to see a clean zoomed view of the pixel detail:


Watch a video of one the levels in action here:

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