Sonic Rivals – Lead Artist, FX Artist

Project role: Lead Artist, Animation Team Coordinator, Special FX Artist


  • Created over 200+ special effects including all explosion effects, environmental effects, power ups, motion trails, boss effects, everything. If particles were involved, I did them.
  • Lead Artist for a team of 15+ artists ranging from environment and character modelers/texturers to animators.
  • Project management with producers on the team, and coordinating as a liaison between artists, designers, and programmers.
  • Dealt with hundreds of bugs on a daily basis, making sure that the right bugs went to the right person.

For Sonic Rivals, I started off as a co-lead with Chris Bourassa. At the time, I was lead for the concept trailer, working with 10 people in creating a convincing pitch to Sega on how we wanted to approach Sonic Rivals.

After that, I was responsible for being the lead for the animators, and coordinated with the programmers and designers. I scheduled and did project management tasks, while working with the producers.

Near the last quarter of the project, I was full lead, and was responsible for all the artists on the team.

The first two characters to go into Sonic Rivals was Sonic and Shadow. We obtained high-poly models from Sega as reference starting points. I modeled Sonic and Shadow to fit within the PSP specs. The first pass texture maps were done by me, and was later re-touched up by one of the other artists near the end of the project.


It was a challenge to maintain the lower spec poly count of Sonic without jeopardizing the look from the high poly models.

In addition, I also created over 200+ effects for Sonic Rivals, from explosions to environmental effects. By this point in time I was fairly familiar with how effects worked, and was considered the technical artist of Backbone Entertainment. But XML was a completely different beast for me.


Watch some of the FX being demonstrated in these videos:



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