Mice Heist for iPhone

Mice Heist – Apple iPhone | iPod Touch
Art Director | Concepts | Artist

Mice Heist was the product of 6 months work after I started my own iPhone company in April 2009.

All of the artwork was created by me.

There were 8 different mice types from cheerleaders to ninja, each with roughly 8 directions of movement, and usually with two states – hands free, and holding cheese.

This amounted to almost 64 different poses, with about 15 frames per pose, totaling over 960 frames of animation.

To solve the problem of so many frames, I decided to model the mice in 3d, attach various accessories and textures to create different mice, and animated them. I then rendered them out into 2d images, and touched up the frames, saving a lot of man hours, and still getting the look I wanted.


The initial concept ideas for the mice to see what would be cute, yet also universally appealing and not get too “Hello Kitty”. The ones with the single dots for eyes were cute, but didn’t have any expressive character to them.


With the final choice decided, a front view was established, and was used as the base for the other mice. This orthographic front and side view were used as reference for the 3d model as well.

Additional screenshots of the game:



The “professor” mouse was used as a way to give the player tutorials without it being boring. The character is completely 2d and animated, with fluttering eyes, moving lips, and pointer-waving arm.

Watch the game in action with this teaser trailer:

You can also see the first level played out here:

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