MLB 2K9 Fantasy All-Stars

I was the senior artist at Deep Fried, working on updating and creating new artwork for MLB Fantasy Baseball for the Nintendo DS.

My responsibilities included mentoring other artists, and updating the user interface. The whole interface was overhauled and redesigned with a new style to look more presentable and polished.

Other assets included:

  • Over 50 pixel-pushed icons
  • Large illustrations for those icons
  • Prepping profile images almost the entire MLB roster to work within the constraints of the interface and technical specifications
  • Prepping all of the MLB team logos in the same way

In addition, I took incredibly low polygon models of the game’s environments and did complete paint-overs. These models were originally done by a few other artists responsible for modeling the environments of the game.

Here is an example of one of the shots from the DS models before repainting:


This is the result after my paint overs:


Spending several hours, I repainted all the textures and changed the lighting to include a nicer warm glow and removing the monochrome eerie feel.

Here are more examples of the finished images I made:



Reviews for this game were fairly favorable, with much praise going to the improved art over the previous year’s release.


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