Jeep Action Concept

Jeep Action Concept

A concept piece created for a game proposal for Deep Fried Entertainment.

The jeep, and two characters are low-polygon models with basic lighting.

Paint effects, dust effects, lighting, filters, corrections and touch-ups were made using photoshop.

In addition to the concept art, I also created various assets for the prototype of this game (it was a proof of concept that was polished enough to use to present to prospective clients)


These included various user interface elements, buttons and bars, and a loading screen.


I also modeled, and textured a 3d character (shown on the right). This character was incredibly low polygon to match the specs for the platform we were using it on.


The premise behind the character was that he is a malnourished prisoner of war. I think as a malnourished character, this guy looks too skinny, but my art director at the time wanted it done this way.  Much of the detail work was done through the texture. While I still like the detailing, I’ve learned much more optimal ways of texture layout, and more efficient use of space since this project.